Patriots Day (2016)

Director Peter Berg recreates a terror attack with dignity, keeping the pace fast and the emotional quotient intact.

Based on the Boston Marathon bombings, it has a good cast which are there to say the story of their characters. Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, J.K.Simmons and Michelle Monaghan play their parts well, in a responsible way, having the real people at hand as a reference.

It’s a sad state of affairs which leads to anything like this, and we get a glimpse of one of the reasons this could have happened.

A gripping movie which highlights the resilience of community spirit above anything else.



Kong: Skull Island (2017)

One film old director Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts gives us a Kong which surprisingly walks the fine line between gigantic beast and protective king very well.

The Vietnam war is the backdrop, and America was doing what it does best – meddling. We have a Benetton crew go to skull island as the only unchartered part left of the planet and voila, there’s Kong!

Kong has a personality, and a back story! He’s not just a menacing entity, causing destruction, but a species in his natural habitat, protecting the natives. Unsolicited violence begets more violence, which unleashes the species Kong is keeping in check.

The beauty of the film is its pristine setting, gorgeous mountains, lakes and landscapes. Not only does Kong look like he’s at home, he doesn’t seem scary. He has a lovely moment with the humans, far more to write home about compared to his 2005 unrequited romance.

The end is thrilling, the pace of the film is fast with enough time to absorb the inhabitants of the island and the survival game. The ensemble cast is perfect.

A fun pre-summer blockbuster which is a roaring success already!


Monsters University (2013)

Not having watched Monsters Inc. till now (a lot of eyes rolling with judgement) I was not prepared for how thoroughly I would enjoy it. The world they had created was entirely new (for me) and since this was a prequel to the first one, it worked out well as a hilarious but soul searching back story.

Classic themes were touched upon, though at times it is more grown up, practical, work hard and stick together to win kind of approach. This animated film felt more real in that sense. Billy Crystal and John Goodman lend voices to characters which are not only lovable but identifiable as well. Helen Mirren as the Dean is perfection!

Monsters Inc. was released way back in 2001, so this second instalment came a little too late, but it was enjoyable and original.


Hangover 3

What made this franchise fun? A drunk night that nobody had a memory of, followed by events where the ‘wolf pack’ tries to fix and remedy the situation. The tension in this one is different. I wouldn’t say it is entirely not entertaining, but it definitely doesn’t have the humour or the madness of its predecessors.

While this situation is comic at times, but there are certain jokes (PETA take note) which don’t work at all. Mr. Chow is doing all the dirty work here to make sure we laugh, while the rest are trying their best but not succeeding, except some lines from Alan (Zach).

Overall, it wasn’t a fitting end to a franchise which was notoriously funny, wild and shocking.