Glass Onion: A Knives Out mystery (2022)


Bad moms (2016)

A laughaton packed into a deep message for moms, this film took me by surprise. I was expecting the usual tension/resolution, but thankfully directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore stayed away from the cliche.

Mila Kunis, Kirsten Bell, Kathyrn Hahn, Christina Applegate and Jada Pinkett Smith show us different faces of moms, essentially ordinary women trying to make the best of their trying and sometimes impossible circumstances. The comic quotient is high, with lots of surprise jokes and in-your-face reality checks which are much needed by struggling mothers.

A must watch for all moms, young and old, for dads to see how manic the world for many moms can be. For kids, to appreciate what their parents do for them while balancing a lot, all this in a non-preachy manner! Fun!


She’s funny that way (2015)

Director Peter Bogdanovich serves a screwball comedy with a good cast, and manages to get some laughs.

Jennifer Aniston was key in attracting audiences but had a special appearance of a role, where she played a quirky shrink (imagine Rachel giving therapy).

Owen Wilson and Rhys Ifans steal the show with their antics while Imogen Poots and Kathryn Hahn have their own shenanigans to keep us entertained.

A film that could have been much funnier but still manages to entertain. Perfect for the flight 🙂


The secret life of Walter Mitty (2014)

Director and principal actor Ben Stiller plays an usual character in this ‘day dreamer’ film. He has a habit of zoning out of his not so confident and awkward life situations into bizarre and comical scenarios of the same. The result? Constant, unpredictable entertainment for the audience!

The twist in the plot is when he has to go on a challenging chase across exotic locations to save his job. The line between fantasy and reality blurs here, and we are constantly guessing if it’s real or not. The film has a lot to do with photography and as such appears as a beautiful montage of aesthetic rare pictures itself. 

There are many profound statements which are made, one about true beauty really stood out. The film is so unique because it dares to confuse and entertain audiences at the same time. Its comical approach belies a sensitive and layered view of Walter Mitty’s life, and the people involved in it. Ben Stiller embodies a stone faced character whose eyes may seem glazed on the outside, but are steeped in vivid imagination on the inside.

It is a light and fun film to watch, with stunning cinematography. Be prepared for spoof like moments in a visual treat of a collage!