The Starling (2021)


Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The comfort with a tale oft told is the feeling it creates when you see it. That very comfort can work against you when the film doesn’t offer it. This time round however, director Bill Condon has a heart warming experience to share with us.

Disney took a big risk with Emma Watson, the lead star with many illustrious voices around her, to carry such an expensive fairy tale on her petite shoulders. She does so with unassuming talent and grace. The canvas is large, the work is detailed and they have managed to recreate the feel of watching a stellar musical which, to our advantage, plays in cinemas across the world.

Dan Stevens as the beast is ‘U’ rated, I must admit. Disney made it so, so that children would warm up to him rather than be afraid. Great care has been taken to craft his look, his introduction, evolution and his revelation, all of which make him endearing.

The supporting characters are made with stunning CGI and voices to match. Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Audra McDonald and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are wonderful inhabitants of the castle. Kevin Kline, Luke Evans and Josh Gad provide the drama in the village.

The music is a delight to the ears and eyes, with the title track playing in your head much after the movie has finished. The other songs have been given equally aesthetic treatment just like the broadway or the animated versions, a spectacular vision and execution.

It has been very well received, and for good reason, as it combines technology and art to produce a modern day masterpiece.


Ricki and the Flash (2015)

Jonathan Demme, director of acclaimed films such as ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Philadelphia’ brings us a lighter family drama with a musical base.

Needless to say Meryl Streep embodies the character of Ricki like she does any of her other characters. She adds her own touch of course, with little quirks and pronounced movements.

Her daughter, Mamie Gummer, who has acted with her before, is given the spot light, as her on screen offspring. It’s difficult to shine in the presence of Meryl, but she leaves an impact.

Kevin Kline and the cast that make up the rest of her family and her musical crew, support the story well.

The plot is centred around family drama, the will to follow your passion and express your individual self. For that and for Meryl, watch it.


My Old Lady (2014)

Director Israel Horovitz makes a slow paced film about an old (and super cool) lady who has a poetic task of explaining French rental and ownership laws to an American. Complications arise and the viewer is treated to a languid series of events.

Maggie Smith is a consistent delight. Kevin Kline plays the frustrated American very well. Kristin Scott Thomas’ character transforms the most.

A light drama, it is perfect for a flight watch.


Last Vegas (2013)

We have seen many ‘coming of age’ movies, here’s to a ‘comic of age’ film which manages to capture every nuance of aging, gracefully or otherwise. 4 powerhouse talents play distinct characters with a complete balance of humour, wit, friendship, love and emotion.

Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro are going on a ‘senior bachelor trip’ to Vegas, and 60 years of friendship shows beautifully in a 3 day story. What this film manages to do so well is maintain the dignity of aging but weave in comedy in every scene, subtle or in your face. Nothing comes across as crass or vulgar, yet the fun element is high and the emotional quotient even higher.

To communicate a chemistry between age old friends isn’t easy, but we have a cast of ‘legends’ who speak of each other and their friendship very highly 😉 Their adventures become ours and we get a great insight into how it would be at that age, especially with the company and support of close friends. The Aria hotel and the famous strip transported the audience to gamble town, eliciting many hoots and cheers, complete with all elements of entertainment you expect to find there 🙂

This is what you get when a mid-life crisis, a stroke, a grouch and Mr. Replacement decide to throw a party!

You’re Invited!