Masaba Masaba (2020 -)


NH10 (2015)

A thriller that takes you by surprise and raises more questions than it answers, it describes a birthday no one should have. The violence that is perpetrated by women on women and how they stand and watch as it happens is shockingly real.

Issues of honour killing and treatment of women in our villages is brought to the fore by an adrenaline filled Anushka who reveals a new menacing actor inside her. What was meant to be survival turns out to be a complex web where caste, power and barbaric treatment call the shots.

A film that keeps you breathless and engrossed in a way which is rare for Hindi cinema, using sound ( a team of five have worked on it) to accentuate every aspect. Be it fear, action, emotion, motion, day dream or tension, we can feel every nuance. It is captured and presented brilliantly by director Navdeep Singh.

Actor Darshan Kumar who showed us his docile side in Mary Kom unleashes a monster inside him. Neil Bhoopalam gives adequate support and Deepti Naval gives us a short yet intense performance.

What do we do in such a situation? What instincts take over? Who will help us? And how do we help ourselves? People broke in applause as a way to release the tension built in the film, which would have worked even better without an interval.

Given the current climate the film will be and should be seen by ALL.