Bridgerton (2020)

An interesting combination of a period drama with the notoriety of modern day television, it weaves interesting scandals, highs and lows with well written characters.

The story highlights certain stereotypes and does away with others. The plot moves fast with conventional drama playing out with a contemporary twist.

Netflix has invested a lot in the show which has been very well received with lots of plots open for season 2. My favourite, the narration by Julie Andrews!

Ratched (2020)

A psychological thriller web television series on Netflix , it lives up to the mystery, intrigue and gore it promises in the trailer.

Lavish production, sublime acting, great casting and directing make it a unique watch, barring the gory scenes which may not be for everybody.

Many stories weave into a singular plot, where you marvel at the depths that the human mind will go to, to achieve its ends. Every character seems to have a psychological issue, even if they appear not to.

An all star cast who provide a riveting commentary on the society we live in via their characters, it is one of those things you can’t stop watching once you have started it. Brilliant!

Enola Holmes (2020)

A refreshing film which balances many themes, it is relevant and appropriately paced.

Young Elona Holmes has an extraordinary life and education from her mother, which takes an unexpected turn when her brothers become her guardians.

Based on the first book on a series written by Nancy Springer, it has a unique approach and vision. Many cases and subplots unravel as the story progresses, which entertain and intrigue in equal measure.

Wonderful performances from the cast and especially the young decipherer in the making, excellent production values and enough twists and turns make it a joy to watch.


The Social Dilemma (2020)

It is ironic to be writing about social media and posting it on social media, telling people to wake up and realise that we HAVE to change our consumption and reliance and rescue ourselves from social media.

I won’t tell you anything here, just to watch it, end to end, and please enforce screen time with your children and yourselves. Regulate. Have a conversation. Use it for what it was intended, limit your time on it and engage wisely.

This docudrama is a mandatory watch.


Dark (2017-2020)

A German science fiction and thriller, it demands every ounce of attention from the audience for the tale it so painstakingly weaves.

Right from the start they set a consistent mood and tone, with a haunting background score which heralds a world of mystery and intrigue.

The drama that unfolds seems ordinary at first, with hints of suspense. As the the show progresses we are drawn in to a web of ‘the alternate’. The rest I shall leave to your viewing pleasure of the three seasons.

A brilliant ensemble cast of all ages give memorable performances, the production values add depth to the proceedings and the writing holds it altogether right till the last scene.

A mind-boggling watch!

Buddha (2013)

The story of Buddha’s destined journey from a prince to an ascetic was first televised in 2013 on Zee TV and Doordarshan. It is now available to view on Netflix.

The soap opera style drama aside, it beautifully explored the relationship between Siddhartha and his parents, teachers and wife. The story ties itself well with the earlier drama when it speaks of redemption, righteousness and the quest to know oneself.

Unlike our other epics, this is not a story oft told. Though liberties are taken with its history, it makes for an enlightening watch with many well written and dramatised lessons, questions and truths.