Downton Abbey : A New Era (2022)

For fans of the show, this film will feel more like home than the first movie. The first one was fanfare, a way to pull the audiences into the cinemas. This one is unapologetically like the show, moving with a balance of its grace, urgency, mystery and flurry.

To say that it is entertaining won’t do justice to it. It is engaging, beautifully written and does justice all characters and their arcs.

To watch them on screen feels like we are privy to a family home video, such is the connection with the Crawley family.

Watch it to mark the end of the old era and welcome the new one!




Steven Spielberg may not have made a blockbuster or box office money spinner but it’s still a sweet gentle tale which is made with great care and detail.

The Big Friendly Giant is a reminder of our childhoods, a simpler time where stories were all we had. Roald Dahl, a celebrated writer, contributed greatly to literature and story telling. This movie is just that, a story where you can immerse yourself and be captivated by its imagination which is brought alive by visual brilliance.

Actors Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylane and Penelope Wilton deserve mention for doing their roles so sincerely and in the spirit of a fantasy tale.