New Mystery Novel is Complete!

I finished the first draft of my new mystery novel!

✍️ The current wip is complete!

📖 24 chapters, set in the present. 

🩸 A mystery/suspense about a writer who is found dead by his wife. 

#amwriting has been updated to #amediting 

3 years ago on this date, I completed my first novel. Today I am happy to announce, I have completed my fifth book. My writing journey has been amazing, with a sixth book in the works, which will be published in July 2023. Thank you for cheering me on and now it’s time for a well earned break!


The Exiled Rogue Series live on 22.2.22

An existential crisis
A transformational journey
A metaphysical revelation
A visionary experience
The CODES, their ORIGIN and a PROPHECY guide the EXILED ROGUE as he traverses time, space, life, death and beyond.

The omnibus of my trilogy, The Exiled Rogue Series, is live tomorrow 22.2.22!

The complete paperback, collectible hardcover, ebook with series art and the full audio book can be ordered/downloaded worldwide!