Kung fu Panda 3 (2016)

The first feeling while you are watching the film and the last thought as it completes, is how rich it is. Abundant in animation, characterisation, message and values, it is engaging at every level.

Directors Nelson and Carloni bring an appropriate part 3 to the audience, tying in pandas to the story and explaining why Po was chosen to be dragon warrior. We see some leaps for the characters, but as always there is a short yet mystical explanation for it. They managed to create a state of wonderment and awe throughout which in itself is worthy of applause.

The all star cast who lend their voices to these lovable characters do a flawless job, with lots more who join the Panda party.

In a world where we should strive to be original individuals, this film sends a simple yet deep message home.



Steve Jobs (2016)

Director Danny Boyle presents us a handful of scenes which communicate various layers of stories, both professional and personal, in Steve Jobs’ life. The scenes themselves are genius; lengthy, fluid, intense and dialogue heavy.

Michael Fassbender plays the Jobs we knew, and it makes the previous film with Ashton Kutcher pale in comparison. What version is accurate we can never be certain, but this film leaves an impact about how he approaches his relationships, both in the corporate world and at home.

Kate Winslet is herself. And by that I mean flawless. Her accent, her frustrating concern, the way her character bulldozes in to his life and guides his decisions is uncanny. In many ways she was the anchor in the life of a man who was being pulled in many different directions.

Seth Rogen plays his partner in crime and invention well. He is representative of all who, in Jobs’ world, were part of the journey but didn’t get their due. Jeff Daniels has outdone himself in a role which required an assertive character who knows when he is beaten.

It was a riveting watch with many insights into a man’s life who has changed the way we live and consume technology.


This is the end (2013)

The biblical apocalypse is upon actors who are playing themselves at a party in Beverly Hills. What ensues is a mix of silly, funny and downright outrageous.

James Franco is playing host to Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Rihanna and many others. It seems like a frat party, which has predictable wild moments. The bizarre events that follow are fun to watch because of the presumed real life personalities and their reactions.

Survival, egos, conflicting opinions, there is a clear build up to a hilarious climax, making it a fun home or flight watch.