Anatomy of a scandal (2022)


Burnt (2015)

Step aside ‘chef’ and ‘a hundred foot journey’, here we have a dangerous cook of a different kind.

Director of August Osage County, John Wells is no stranger to handling complex layered dramas and this is no exception. Bradley Cooper enthrals with another intense and unpredictable performance, while the audience gets treated to well edited food preparation montages.

An interesting supporting cast; Sienna Miller, Emma Thompson, Uma Thurman to name a few, spice up the proceedings while we sit on edge, wondering what we will be served next.

A delicacy of a message which is plated beautifully.


American Sniper (2014)

The film uses a traditional approach to tell us the micro story of an ace sniper with the macro backdrop of the Iraq war.

Bradley Cooper has a 3rd consecutive Academy Award nomination, this time for his role as Chris Kyle. He has transformed his body, his body language and verbal / non-verbal communication to a remarkable extent. One scene specifically has us as breathless and tense as he is in the film.

Director Clint Eastwood has handled a variety of films in this genre. He relies more on ‘saying it as it is’ so that we can process and digest the war conditions.

The film is not a commentary on the political scenario at all but just a view point of a soldier at war and how he copes with it afterword. That has perhaps been its most soft and subtle nuance.

Based on a true story it must have been difficult to make and was equally disturbing to watch.