Chef (2014)

You want flavours? You got ‘em. This ensemble cast whips up a recipe which will make you chase your passion and turn you into a social networking pro! A tale about career, family, friends and all the awkward moments in between!

Written and directed by main lead Jon Favreau, who plays the creatively charged chef ‘Carl Casper’, he has a cast that include the talents of Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Oliver Platt and Russell Peters!

Their varied and distinct portrayals of real but kooky characters make this food truck journey all the more sumptuous. An ‘R-rated’ dish, it is served straight from the heart and has captured food preparation so well, that a vegetarian like me thought that the meat looked appetizing!

Tasty and recommended hot!



Fading Gigolo (2013)

John Turturro is the main lead in this insightful film, which he has also written and directed. The story is about the oldest profession, but the twist is sensitive. His chemistry with Woody Allen is perhaps the best, who acts as his ‘agent’. Beneficiaries include Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara and Vanessa Paradis. Liev Schreiber provides the complication in the end.

The writing of the film makes it unique, where we are not concerned about ‘the act’ itself, but the lead up to it. We wonder of course, why the likes of Sharon Stone, for example, would ever require such services. It goes to show that everyone is struggling with their own reality and being attractive isn’t a confirmed ticket to ‘mating’.

Watch this otherwise mild concoction for a very strong subject, which entertains and enlightens.