Soul (2020)

One of the most profound animated films I have seen, it deals with concepts which will be too complex for children to understand, but it gives a simple message, loud and clear, for everyone to be inspired by.

Excellent voices, concepts and two very unique central characters and opposing points of view make this a very moving and heart warming watch.

Highly recommended!



Me, Myself and I

Have a seat, grab a snack, because this three- way chat will confuse you at best, with hopes of entertaining you.

Here’s how a typical conversation in my head goes:

Me: I think that everything should be perfect in my world, though I may not be. Everyone should know what I want, think, like, dislike. People should conform to my beliefs.

Myself: I know that I am a part of this ever-evolving, ever-changing universe. I attract my own lessons and the people in my life are there for a purpose, the events that occur, do so for my own growth.

I: A conscious part of me that watches the debate between the above two, my resident jury of aging brain cells. It knows that the ego needs taming, that I am a soul that is aware of its place in the scheme of things. It hopes that I can achieve a reasonable thought process which can be both world-wise and true to itself. It doesn’t question me, though it sees me falter, or make a complete a** of myself, but it stays put, like a loyal vigilante who will not leave me, or judge, or sing ‘I told you so’.

Our mind is usually reasoning our thoughts and actions, juggling many dialogues at once. Some acknowledge this, while others continue (maybe blissfully) unaware, simply working from one action/reaction to the next.

What I have learned is that we usually play tricks with ourselves. We go through a conversation where “Me” usually gets the first say. Once “Me” is done making its point, “Myself” starts shedding light on some important aspects that may have been missed out. It goes to and fro, until of course, the larger part (either your ego or your awareness) let’s you express yourself. “I” remains as it always did, a silent supporter and a gentle reminder of your actions/decisions past and present.

The future is of course, full of infinite possibilities. Experience teaches us that let “I” guide you, while the other two indulge in banter which may or may not be entirely fruitful. You will always be known as the outcome of your internal battle, let it be who you really are and not masked by your version of your ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ self.

And above all, let love, compassion and kindness be your guide, because if they are, you will never go wrong.