Freaky (2020)

A tongue in cheek type of silly horror film, with gore that makes you cringe but not laugh, though the plot twist does!

Lots of obstacles where two customary characters embellish the proceedings, we are eventually faced with a closing window of time to tie up the plot.

The end finally comes much after we think the story has played itself out, to leave us with a pertinent message.

Not bad, but not freaky either!



Delivery Man (2013)

I would like to clarify that this movie is nothing like the Hindi film VICKY DONOR. Yes, there is the similarity of a sperm donor, but that’s it.

This movie is based on a Canadian film named ‘Starbuck’, (see how much difference one ‘s’ makes at the end?). Director Ken Scott made that in 2011 and did the Hollywood version starring an appropriately aging Vince Vaughn in 2013.

With the trivia out of the way, I think it would be safe to say the film walks a tight rope and gets to the other side very well. It could easily slide into being mediocre, but keeps the emotional quotient high via believable performances and screenplay. Yes its pretty black or white, with no gray areas, but I guess that was the safest route.

The result? A sensitive film which speaks of family values, love, paternal feelings and modern day parenting challenges.