Chennai Express (2013)

SRK tries his hand at comedy and does a fair job in a film which has Rohit Shetty in the right doses. Signature scenes with cars blowing up and a fight at the end can be ignored, but the ‘generalisation of the south’ is too much to digest. While Deepika steals the show with an endearing accent (don’t know if it’s Tamil or Hyderabadi), the tone and feel they have thought for the film is maintained throughout. Subtitles would have worked wonders at integrating the states, but maybe it was asking too much from Mr. Shetty. Comedy of errors, woven with a simple story and many funny moments (if you get on the humour train from the start) can get you through this journey. Otherwise pull the chain and jump off, the only flawless thing about the film is SRK’s makeup!



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