Prisoners (2013)

The words ‘captive audience’ were quite appropriate for how I felt during this film. As the first scene began, I felt a sense of impending doom looming over me. The weather, the colour palette, all carefully chosen to weave a helpless mood for a bizarre and complicated case.

Sometimes we played detective, other times we were victims. Never did we feel like a bystander and for a film to achieve that for the entire 151 minute duration is commendable.

The events get more convoluted and we feel trapped, held against our will, wanting desperately to know what’s the motive and if it will end.This very essence makes it an experience, only if you engage yourself from the very beginning. Otherwise you might just get lost in the maze.

Jake is restrained with a visible ‘character tick’, whereas Hugh plays the emotionally wounded father with extreme pain and aggression. Director Denis Villeneuve requires you to bring your IQ with you, you need all the gray matter you have.



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