Madras Cafe (2013)

This film which was shot and directed really well, but had a few loop holes. The documentary style approach, its vivid story telling, is not common for the Indian audience.

While we were ‘spoon fed’ what may have happened during the lead up to the assassination of our ‘ex PM’ and the circumstances that surrounded it, it was the cast that let the product down. John is wooden without any emotion, and goes through the film mouthing lines. Other important characters are either too emphatic, or caricature-like. Nargis Fakhri was not convincing at all. There are some good performances, but the casting could have been better. Some details in the story are either missing or vague, but they can be over looked by the masses. The discerning viewer will catch them though.

What saves the film is the direction and an honest attempt to say a story differently. Shots of war, distress, trauma and the planning and completion of the mission are executed very well. I guess since John was producer, the director was stuck with this particular talent.

Another feather in the cap for Shoojit Sircar after Yahaan (2005) and Vicky Donor (2012).



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