Pay it forward (2000)

I have had this DVD for the longest time and got around to seeing it recently wanting to watch ‘a light and positive’ film.

The film was positive, but not light in any way! Intense drama surrounds the characters as they face their demons, because the gesture little Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) suggested, should change the person’s life in a big way. From childhood scars, intimacy issues, drug and alcohol addiction to making the right romantic choices, its all here. How people can help and be open to help is the crux of the movie, which is handled in a patient, healing manner.

Based on the National bestseller book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, Director Mimi Leder has made a film which has a stellar cast who gets the message across with sincerity. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt are ably supported by Jim Caviezel, Angie Dickinson, David Ramsey, Jay Mohr and others to bring about a ‘movement’ in the hearts of the audience.

With that thought, go forward, help someone and ask them to do the same for someone else.



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