Shaadi ke side effects (2014)

Sid and Trisha, played naturally by Farhan and Vidya, tell us a story not told often or well, for the Indian audience. A lot of aspects are touched upon in this film, how married couples can keep their intimate lives fresh, what changes after having a child, what women and men go through, independently and together, when they become parents.

These and many other nuances of relationships and how they evolve is shown very well on screen, with the right amount of humour and drama. It is only in the end that it becomes a little melodramatic, but they steer out of that zone quickly. How such a film would end is tricky and a very fitting conclusion prevails, where there is equality of the sexes and a twist to think about.

Director Saket Chaudhary, who made ‘Pyar ke side effects’ is back with a fun sequel in this ‘shaadi’ counterpart. Watch to be lightly entertained and come out with a balanced view of life after marriage and kids.



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