Amour (2012)

When a film is called ‘Love’ we expect to see the ‘popular expressions’ of this universal force. What we are shown though, are the true colours, strength and qualities of love and its magnanimity.

An octogenarian couple is faced with the greatest test when one of them falls ill and starts deteriorating. How they both cope with it and keep their dignity and interdependence so balanced, is true genius by director Michael Haneke.

At age 85, Emmanuelle Riva became the oldest Best Actress Oscar nominee of all time. She and Jean-Louis Trintignant play an endearing yet resilient pair. The various complexities that old age and being by yourself bring upon them, are communicated in passing depth, which touch you momentarily, preparing you for the next scene. What unfolds is not necessarily difficult to watch, but a reality for all who are in relationships, or aspire to be in one.

The end is a triumph for love.



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