4 years and learning…

I remember all the discussion on the story I had posted last year. It was a true, from the heart account of what brought me to Mumbai and how the first three years had been. If they could be seen as prep school, the fourth year was definitely an exam. Mumbai finally showed me the true colours of survival.

The year was peppered with highs and ‘not so highs’. I travelled to distant lands and found versions of myself there. Some that needed an upgrade, some that seemed to be far ahead of me, so I had a lot of catching up to do.  Many milestones marked the previous 365 days, which I am forever thankful for. I met some nice people, some of who moved away. I reconnected with some old friends. In the last year time and tide had indeed changed a lot.

I learned that you don’t choose this city (or the wand, for that matter). Mumbai chooses you. And it’s not some whim that brings you here either. You only come here when you are ready for an adventure. To have your rough edges polished. To see your faults, stare them in the face and say, “You, Again?” Only when your vibration matches that of the city, can you survive here. And to tune to that vibration takes time, patience and faith. Then the city yields its rewards.

I often face the question, “So you still like Mumbai?” Hell, I LOVE MUMBAI. It has given me life experiences which I couldn’t have had anywhere else. I have family and friends who have contributed greatly to my evolution. Observing life through every experience, corner, stranger, imperfection, has enriched me. And, that fuels my imagination, and my own will to live, to better myself, to try and be better for others.

The rain washes away the city and also any obstructions on my think tank. I have been reading various areas of interest, writing with a renewed vigour and the ‘expression quotient’ has been at its highest so far. Lots of movement on that front will be communicated soon.

Here’s to starting the fifth year in this city that embraces everyone. Don’t ask me how long I will be here, I don’t know. To quote ‘The fault in our stars’, I have experienced an infinity here, and “Some infinities are bigger than others”.




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