Daawat-e-ishq (2014)

What could have been a witty spicy dish turned out to be a half baked badly prepared main course with two good side dishes.

Side dish 1: Aditya Roy Kapur : refreshing in a clean role, a guy with his heart in the right place, doing the rare balancing act from the beginning.

Side dish 2 : Anupam Kher : a cute, supportive single father who plays along, albeit not to convincingly, but endearing nonetheless.

A talent like Parineeti was good in parts but suffered because of a whimsical characterisation. Her motives, her plan, her agenda and purpose all were warped. So many key things were ignored to move the story along. Short at 2 hours, it could have been a crisp sweet savoury act, but failed to excite any taste buds.

Director Habib Faisal explores the subject of dowry, a very sad state in India. But aren’t those who give dowry just as much to blame? He is associated with some good films as a writer and director, but this one seems as a misfit in that list.

An offering from Yash Raj which will leave a bad taste in your mouth.



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