Piku (2015)

The high strung story of a hypochondriac father and frustrated daughter leaves us agitated, entertained, in splits and in reflection.

Amitabh plays the constipated feminist with élan, while Deepika aces the angry, caring, unapologetic daughter. Their interaction leaves you exasperated. Enter Irfaan, who is the catalyst of balance in their chaotic lives.

Though the film seems to be about bowel movements, it’s a clever metaphor for bottling issues, anxieties, suppressed  relationships and the delicate stage of life parents reach. It passes messages strong and clear, without pretence or censorship.

A fun film, it takes getting used to. Once you have caught the pulse of the characters you settle in. Sensitively made by director Shoojit Sircar, with an able supporting cast.

A difficult topic to bring to the table, handled in a matter of fact manner.



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