Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015)

So let’s acknowledge one thing first, the Barjatyas and Fox Star have spent money on the production, and it looks good, mostly.

Besides that there is little to talk about. But as its customary, it shall be discussed, in the hope again, to save your time and money.

Rajshri productions usually focus on family dramas and this is no exception. The tension though, lacks depth and meaning, looking lacklustre with caricature like characters. Random scenes, a weak plot, a supporting cast that wasn’t utilised well, and some misfits were cast too.

Salman Khan has more chemistry with Anupam Kher than with Sonam Kapoor. She does what she does best, look good and mouth some dialogues. The cinema erupted into laughs when she was crying, so that’s the verdict on her acting ability.

Deepak Dobriyal provides some comic relief. Swara Bhaskar is regressive, Armaan Koli laughable. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks princely in a role which suited him well, but lacked dimension.

The songs are abysmal baring the title track. Songs used to be Sooraj Barjatya’s strength, but over the years, that too has dwindled.

Was it as bad as ‘Mein Prem ki Deewani hoon’? Let’s just say they are tied, and leave it at that.



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