Saala Khadoos (2016)

Madhvan is back in the spot light, fitter, sporting locks and a beard, angry and resentful at how his life turned out. This story is about boxing coach Adi and a very unusual talent in a fisher woman, Madhi, played by Ritika Singh. Both actors have done a fine job to infuse life and realism brilliantly in their characters.

The struggle faced by sports men and women in general (cricketers as well I am sure), the resources set aside to them, the politics and game playing that ensues and how they emerge from that, make the basic premise of the film.

What is refreshing is its simplicity and a host of good supporting cast. Though some scenes could have been approached differently, nothing rankled the senses out of the short movie experience which was just under two hours.

Directer Sudha Kongara has tackled a tricky subject well, though it lacks the knock out it was hoping to be, settling instead for a few good punches.



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