The Revenant (2015)

Leonardo DiCaprio is proof why fine actors shouldn’t be given Oscars. Not that an Oscar is the pinnacle of achievement, but maybe the fact that he hasn’t won made him push every boundary in so many of his previous films, this being the jewel in the crown. His grit and agony ooze from every pore of his being as Hugh Glass.

Director Alejandro Innaritu chose a set of impossible circumstances to tell a story so difficult that it created awe and shock in equal measure. The terrain though sub-zero, was oddly hopeful, with life fighting to survive and the force fuelling it a mixture of grief, revenge and humanity.

While Tom Hardy makes the perfect antagonist as John Fitzgerald, his performance is remarkable to say the least. All cast have the appropriate accent and the director recreates 1823 with unobtrusive camera work. He shot everything in highly abrasive conditions. Almost everything you see is real and believable. We are captured by Nature this time round, the rest I leave for you to see and experience. Subtitles and translations make it easier to comprehend and digest the proceedings.

A grisly tale of survival, which leaves you tense, horrified, fulfilled and astounded. Having won all major awards, this might just break the jinx that surrounds Leonardo. Do us a favour though… Continue doing projects which are synonymous with you.



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