Zootopia (2016)

‘Try Everything’ is still playing in my head while I write this. Even if you take away that much from the film, it’s worth it. The evolution of animation is evident in the minute detailing and multitude of colours which have been wonderfully crafted in this film.

Anthropomorphic animals give us an insight into highly relevant messages which are metaphorical with sound impact. New recruit rabbit Judy Hopps needs the help of a shifty fox Nick Wilde to solve a case. Enter politics, gender bias, glass ceiling, size, race, diet prejudice and voila! You have the modern messy world!

A host of talented voices (including Shakira) entertain us while we enjoy the vivid landscapes that exist in Zootopia, a kind of ‘utopia for mammals’. While their main concern is that predators don’t turn savage, we humans share the same problem.

Drawing parallels with the current state of society, this layered film delivers multiple messages and a heart warming friendship.



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