Phobia (2016)

Finally a good Hindi horror/thriller film! It delivered on all fronts, with scares, twists, turns and no typical nonsense.

Radhika Apte has done a brilliant job, playing the artist who has a traumatic experience. How she and the others around her cope with it, and her own uphill healing journey, make the rest of the film.

The writing, editing, camera work and background score all tie in first place for the ‘hero’. Crisp, taut and intelligent, it answers every question you may have. Every scene, however short and fleeting, is important.

There are three cleverly written ‘borderline’ characters, who are always doubted or generally weird. Satyadeep Mishra as her friend Shaan links her world with one of reality. Her neighbours aren’t regular either. Manu is creepy and Nikki is surprisingly fearless.

A film about Agoraphobia, it’s frightful and craftily directed by Pawan Kripalani.



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