The Conjuring 2 (2016)

This film builds fast and doesn’t waste any time in scaring you, repeatedly! The creepy events have moved from USA to the UK, and what better than a gloomy overcast street in North London to freak you out!

The two leads from the previous film are retained. Patrick Wilson is steady whereas his wife Vera Farmiga is effective in communicating her ordeal with the audience. The Hodgson family is simple and supportive, with 4 siblings and a single mom, life is tough in the 70s. Two characters who deserve special mention are Frances O Connor who plays the mother and Madison Wolfe who plays Janet.

Janet is a mind blowing talent. To carry off this level of trauma and terror was unbelievable. Reminiscent of previous works in this genre, it would be mentioned in one of the best. The mother, Peggy has an uphill task of survival as it is, but puts up a brave face and shows strength in terrifying circumstances.

The verdict? James Wan makes a film with enough tense moments which do not give you much time to recover! The end was rushed and some plot points were unexplained but it achieved what it set out to! An old friend makes a cameo right in the last scene, a welcome reminder that there might be a part 3.



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