Rustom (2016)

Touted as a thriller the film directed by Tinu Suresh Desai is an average story, engaging at points and recreating parts of the era successfully.

‘Decorated Navy Officer’ Akshay Kumar is happily married to Illeana D’Cruz. Something which they establish quickly. Why things fall apart is unclear, and when it’s revealed its not convincing. What ensues is clear, but how well it was planned wasn’t. In short, characters are not developed well, some half baked and others erratic. Akshay is generic while Illeana is the female lead, who has a few scenes.

Pavan Malhotra as the good cop, Arjan Bajwa as the victim and Esha Gupta as his vamp sister pay homage to the black/white characters in the 60s. But somewhere along the line contemporary and period film making are blurred.

It is doing well because of the ruin running alongside it. It’s based on a true story which makes it more appealing and everyone likes to see a cleaner vintage Mumbai.



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