The Founder (2016)

John Lee Hancock, director of ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘Saving Mr Banks’ amongst others gives us an insight into what fast food started out as, and why it has ended up where it has today.

Micheal Keaton, effortlessly plays Ray Kroc, the ambitious visionary who craves success. A meeting with a client leads him on a journey of profit and nationwide business he never imagined. All this with a 15 cent burger. This was the humble beginning of McDonalds.

Just like a quality meal with real meat and milk became the fast food junk that it is now, the film too leaves a processed taste in your mouth once it’s over. It serves the harsh reality of growth, the cost at which it comes, how relationships and friendships expire or are broken like contracts, and what you are left with is a bunch of numbers with no real value.

For that, and the brilliant portrayal of Ray Kroc, the film is a must watch. Very soon Starbucks, KFC and others will show their stories, but no one was as far reaching and iconic as Mc’D’s.



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