Logan (2017)

I do not enjoy very violent films. I can’t digest gore. But this film is filled with so much adrenaline, raw action and well shot sequences, that it took my breath away.

Touted as the best X-Men film, it makes a huge impact, because it shows the vulnerable, weak and hidden side of a mutant delicately. We see an aging Logan, who fights with demons on the inside and lonely realities on the outside, only to be confronted by very uncomfortable truths.

The villain here is not a person, though there are antagonists. The ‘bad guy’ here is the inner turmoil, facing what we are trying to escape, and above all, the fear of ‘feeling’.

Young Dafne Keen, who plays Laura, will blow your mind with her performance. She is a powerhouse, who plays both ends of the spectrum with so much ease, it’s shocking to note she is only 11 or 12 years old. Patrick Stewart and Stephan Merchant provide able support, while adding finishing touches to their characters.

A fitting farewell to Hugh Jackman’s much admired
character ‘Wolverine’ by director James Mangold, Logan is a class act.



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