Phillauri (2017)

Debut director Anshai Lal creates a warm tale filled with love, comedy and above all a story. Good content is key, the small budget is an achievement and coupled with good acting and music, this film is a complete package.

Anushka Sharma is cute as the friendly ghost, understated and controlled, involuntarily tethered to Suraj Sharma because of ‘marry a tree manglik ritual’. It isn’t that simple of course, there is a back story, and a fulfilling one at that.

Diljit Dosanjh is appropriate in the role of a village singer, with a progressive arc to his character. Mehreen Pirzada is supportive and charming. Lots of scenes are communicated only via expression, which involve the audience at a deeper level.

It is refreshing to see solid content presented in an entertaining way, keeping the aesthetic and emotional quotient high. The film integrates history, music and love in a unique way.



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