Hello, my name is Doris

I love you Philip Morris

Swiss Army Man

Identity thief

Behind the Candelabra

Boy Erased

Bird box

The emoji movie

Babu driver

Why him

The little prince


Breathe: Based on a true story, with effective leads Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, it speaks of the perils of polio and how a couple fought to survive it in the 1950s. A moving and triumphant film!


Dumplin’ : Jennifer Aniston plays a former winner of a local beauty pageant and the mom of a teenage girl, Danielle Macdonald. Perceptions of size and beauty are handled sensibly, while exploring the relationships of those who care for us and those who give birth to us.


Hello, my name is Doris: Sally Field plays an woman in her 60s, who hasn’t seized a moment in her life. Enter a much younger colleague Max Greenfield, who she tries to impress by stepping outside her comfort zone. What follows is a cute story of taking a chance, evolution and letting go.


I love you Philip Morris: Based on a true story, Jim Carey figures out multiple questionable ways to make money and escape from jail. His partner Ewan McGregor stands by him as he moves from phase to phase of life, till the law catches up with him. An entertaining watch.


Swiss Army man: Daniel Radcliffe makes an unusual corpse in this film, acting as a metaphor for how our survival makes many instincts set in. He inadvertently helps Daniel Scheinert rescue himself. A bizarre tale!


Identity thief: Melissa McCarthy is an expert identity thief, and poor unsuspecting Jason Bateman gets conned into a big mess. What follows is a wild goose chase with an unexpected end. A light watch.


Behind the Candelabra: The famous pianist Liberace is played by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon plays his partner, and together they show us a world of excess, deceit, talent, love, lust and power. A great insight into an icon, his eccentricities and his mind games.


Boy erased: This film explores a topic of controversy and how it impacts a conservative family. Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe play the concerned parents of Lucas Hedges, who they coerce into trying conversion therapy. It’s effects on him and them are explored as the family fight to stay connected.


Bird Box: Sandra Bullock shows us once again why she’s at the forefront of good content. A novel concept, a kind of apocalypse is explored here, where the audience is invested from the first moment. She keeps it taut and tense till the end. A brilliant watch!


The emoji movie: The film explores something we use in daily life, but cunningly makes a world filled with challenges for emojis, giving them distinct personalities. A fun watch!


Baby driver: Has a cool Ansel Elgort who drowns out his intense and chaotic world, and Kevin Spacey who puts him there. Supported by Lily James, Jamie Foxx and others, it’s a tale of great love, great opportunities and great betrayals.


Why Him: Is a funny film which centers around the protests of father Bryan Cranston on his to be son in law, James Franco. He is eccentric and odd, with nothing conventional about him. A perfect flight watch.


The little prince: Based on the novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, it’s a wonderful film which explores a rich world filled with metaphors and messages, giving proper homage to the source using stop motion animation woven into computer animation.


Geostorm: A disaster film starring Gerard Butler, it weaves a not so unreal scenario of drastic changes in weather caused by climate change. Filled with good special effects and set in many cities across the world, it sends a message loud and clear.



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