Goodbye December and second half of 2021

Family and friends around the world celebrate #poter becoming an Amazon #1 Bestseller in 3 categories! Como miniature exhibit. Cairo nights in Carlton! Noir Neighbours. counsellingLIFE turns 3! Divina turns 20. Rain, Hail, Wind & Sun! Another day in Melbourne.

Debut on TikTok. Amy promotes the series. Instalive on Anxiety, Life goals, stress and Communication. Lockdown 6.0, the one that broke me. Miraya becomes a teenager! Fabiolicious and his kindness! Rakhi gifts from Manisha, Meena, Anjali & Ekta! 20th Frienniversary with Sanjay. A picnic with Hedwig. Duet with Amy. Artists support Artists series.

The Origin of the Exiled Rogue becomes an American Fiction Award Winner! Breville Coffee Machine to celebrate! The miracle with mom. The very special figs! The final season of Brooklyn Nine Nine. The Trilogy is available in India on paperback! Zox bracelets inspire me to reach the half way mark in my current WIP.

YouTube interview for #poter and my travels in Australia. The art for ‘The Host meets others from Empyrean – Where Worlds Collide’ is shared online. Midnight Mass miniseries. Surprise from Sal! Bhavika turns 25! Victory day for Victorians. Baawli by MG.

The one thing I had prayed for comes true: Border opening announcement! I complete writing the first draft of my sci-fi romance set in the future! Sheesha and Brazilian food weekend. Barista Sandy will take your order now! Hello November! Sia completes Diwali. The sky turns purple.

On a flight home after 22 months! Reunited : A myriad of emotions. Bhai Dooj. Mom’s 76th and Bua’s 69th birthday. The story of how 11.11.11 manifested in my life. Mayyur completes Dubai. Sunil’s generosity and Manisha’s creativity.

Guru baba’s blessings at Dubai Hills. Quality time with Sanam, Nandini, Anjali and Shanoo. Birthday eve ride with Maanvik. Gastronomy Galore by Kanchan aunty. Sheesha stories with the girls. Dinner with the gang followed by a special surprise. Amy and Adnan make it special. College reunion. High Tea with Viks. Beta Readers are moved and delighted.

The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue is a Best Book Awards Finalist! Sheesha conversations with cousins. Precious moments with beloved friends and family. A Wedding, birthdays and countless reasons to celebrate. A personal and thoughtful gift from Raj. A presentation with the wonderful students at Ambassador International Academy organised by Mrs. Rao.

I told everyone I was there to charge my battery after being away from home for so long. Before I knew it, 3 weeks had passed in a flash and I was on a plane home, only half charged. Van Gogh immersive experience. India wins Miss Universe after 21 years. The complete trilogy is now available at the State Library of Victoria. Atul turns 60! A dreamy night to remember at Luci.

Queensland beckons. The Trilogy Travels series. Amazing time with Nishant at the Sistine Chapel exhibit. Memories with Masterchef Nirmal in Noosa. Cool nights and breezy days. Aarya turns 6 months! A Christmas dinner filled with Abundance and Love. Gold Coast lunch. Noor turns 40! Rooftop fireworks and adieu to 2021. Loveable Nyx makes it hard to say bye to Brisbane.

Cherish the ones you love, we don’t know when we will see them again.
Look forward to sharing more gratitude and creativity with you in the new year!
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Hearty and Wholesome 2022!


Goodbye June and the first half of 2021

New year in Brissy! Queensland, a trip to remember! Featured by Therapists Connect. Hand painted macaroons. Bridgerton. Kavita turns 50! The Tea Rooms 1892 . Revna gets engaged! AstraZeneca. Miranda. Healing with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Afternoon Tea at Noir. Manifestation miniature jars! Soul. Quartet by candlelight. Fitness journey begins. Glasses again! Sanditon. Yin Yoga. Penumbra in the cave on Planet Mother. Triennial. Psychology Diploma. Last meal at Lucky Penny Cafe. Photoshoot with Fabio. N&N visit Melbourne. Driving in Victoria! Day trips to Bendigo, Geelong and Torquay. The Rone exhibit. Harry Potter Trivia. A gift of Hand drawn art! The beautiful fall foliage in Bright! Trekking, Biking, Walking and Feasting! Amy turns 40! The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue; hashtag and title reveal. Mom & Dad’s 57th Wedding Anniversary. Cover teaser Drone shoot. #poter book teaser. 4 years in Australia! Temple visit with the Melbournians. #poter book trailer and launch – 21.5.21.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Reunion. #poter becomes a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 categories! Virtual baby shower for Shonali! Sunset Lottery. Surprise hamper all the way from Mumbai, celebrating The Exiled Rogue Series by Kavita! Writers Tea! Central Perk Mug! Finished the first chapter of my new sci-fi romance novel! Ethiopian dinner. Bellroy laptop sleeve. 16/6 W dinner. Cake Mail by Manisha! #coter is honoured as an award winning finalist in the International Book Awards 2021! My sister becomes a grandmother! Shonali gives birth to baby Aarya! 4 generations starting with great grandmother Sunita Adnani! Paperback launch in Melbourne at Dymocks Prahran! Bookmarks & Badges! A day of celebrations! The Trilogy is Complete! MG opens in New Jersey!

Hoping and praying to be reunited with family and friends this year. In gratitude for everything else 🙏

Goodbye December and second half of 2020

The Science of Wellbeing. Dark. Informative Instalive. Retreat for wellness 2.0. Supervision Training Course. Golden Girls marathon. Virtual Christmas in July. Neuro Linguistic Programming course. YouTube interview : travels and inspirations. SAS rock and roll! Cooking triumphs! Beta readers delight! Rakshabandhan surprise by Manisha! Aboriginal culture and safety training. Part 2 title reveal. Rainbow sighting. Tanishq turns 18! Meet the characters of ‘the Exiled Rogue series’.

Certified Supervisor and member of the ACA college of supervisors. Virtual author interview about #coter and #ooter on YouTube. Strawberry Watermelon cake. 5 trips around the sun. #ooter book teaser. Wu Xing Garden sketch reveal. Mayyur turns 40 in style. Navdeep & Sandy complete 20 years. The Origin of the Exiled Rogue trailer and virtual book launch. #ooter becomes an Amazon bestseller! Friends and family all over the world pose with the ebook cover!

Yahoo! news features The Exiled Rogue series! Freshly baked Cookies as we all meet again. Mom turns 75 in MG! #ooter book launch with signed copies of the paperback! A 42nd birthday filled with gratitude. Cakemail surprise from Revna! Diwali joys with summer days! #ooter reviews. #coter and #ooter become part of the State Library of Victoria! Queens Gambit. Annie’s yummy cupcakes! Coburgers and Edgars Creek. Who would I cast as the characters of my Trilogy?

ESPN celebrate a decade! On an aeroplane after 11 months! Brisbane-Bribie-Noosa-Monteville-Goldcoast-Stradbrooke and all the beautiful memories in between! Thank you Nishant, Nirmal and Nyx. Ludo (the film and the game). Crown season 4. Good bye 2020.

2021: the year we catch up with family reunions and milestone celebrations.

Goodbye June and first half of 2020

Third New Year’s Eve at NOIR. #COTER trailer, ebook and paperback releases. Mumbai airport pit stop. Dubai reunions galore! Memory book by Ambreen; one of my most cherished gifts. Holding the first copy of COTER. Prathna turns 50. The Dubai launch and book signing, with my family and loved ones. Book reading by my Amma Pratibha Rao. Quality time with my bestie. Emirates International School talk with senior students.

Mumbai launch and book signing. Book reading by author Nandini Dhanani. Ekta and Anjali make the moment even more special. Singapore celebration. Melbourne event with surprise T-shirts! Book reading by Divyesh Udeshi. Rath Yatra and amusement park rides on a sunny day. COTER becomes an Amazon #1 Bestselling ebook! Start writing part 2 of the trilogy. Retreat for wellness begins. Amy comes to Melbourne. Outlander. Breezy buzz cut. Veer turns 40: virtual birthday song.

Zoom catch up with Kings college gang. Instalive as an Author and then as a Counsellor. Mom and Dad’s 56th Wedding Anniversary. Reacquainted with Baking. Complete writing Part 2, editing commences. Short story gets published: Fairy Tales – Rewind. Start writing Part 3. Revna turns 25. Three years in Australia. Love Schitt’s Creek! Games on Zoom with Sappu, Amy and Bob! Into the night. Teasers ready for book 2. Will and Grace ends. Launched a counselling blog on Medium. Morning Wars. Supervision training begins. Buddha . The world starts to open. Defending Jacob. Winter begins. Alex turns 30. Finished writing part 3. The Exiled Rogue series logo unveiled. 16/6

6 months ago I was eagerly awaiting the launch of my first book. 6 months later, here I am, having finished writing the second and third. Always look for silver linings, you will find them.

Goodbye December and second half of 2017

The Young Pope. Christmas in July. Divina turns 16! AIPC. Passion for Masterchef Australia re-ignites. Ground Yourself Cafe. Galaxy chocolates from Doha! New friends with old ties. Lipstick under my Burkha. 2 sunny years. Harry Potter Improv. Dinner on the Tram. Australian Survivor Marathon. 12 hours of National Theatre Live from London. The Block intro. 27/9. The Bachelor/ette: predictions and favourites! Will & Grace returns! Mumbai Diwali. Bhavika turns 21! Dad completes 50 years in Dubai! Ghoomar. Aerial 39th with a Balloon ride over Melbourne. The Perils of Padmavati. Hogwarts2HH DreamS. Diva 2018. Summer in St. Kilda! Hello South Yarra! New Year in Noir.

2017 was a year of massive change, movement and fulfilment. While the universe works in mysterious ways, it taught me never to stop asking or dreaming. It yields when the time is right and has plenty for everyone, all the time! We just have to ask the right way, and wait for it to unfold.

May 2018 be the year of relaxation, recouping and remembering. May we venture into unknown places, meet interesting people, and connect everyone in a web of charged cosmic energy.

Love. Laugh. Live.

Goodbye June and first half of 2016

Gallan Goodiyan. Desert beginning. Dubai Diaries. Revisited childhood literature. A poster is worth five years! Abundance Mandala. The BAD cafe. Mass Exodus. NYC party. Freezing February. Silver Jubilee for Kavita&Rajesh! DreamS by the lake. Chess addiction begins. One day in Delhi. KoQ meets Humayun. Brekkie at Lal Qilla. The Revenant. 6 sunny months. Leap Leonardo year. March Moolah! Harry Potter Mandala 🙂 Siya Kay Ram. Smashing time at Smash. A race to ‘The Race’. The universe ALWAYS responds. DG rocks! Impromptu plans and laughter marathons! Bajirao Mastani on DVD! Monopoly returns 🙂 The Jungle Book. Dinner with D-A-R-U. Mom&Dad complete 52 years! Stag lift at the gym 🙂 Beauty and the Beast. Arigato Japan: Meiji, Fuji, Sumo, Sushi! Revna turns 21! Dubai Delight. Stamp size invite. 8.5 Déjà vu. Madhuri meets her tallest fan! The truth shall set you free. IEFF – 25 films. Shonali graduates from University! Royal Reunion begins! Sweet 16.6.16. Sugar meets Spice! 4 day weekend! Udta Punjab. Thali with a Monsoon view. Jenga and Nutella. Sequel unveils New York mystery. BLACK after 11 years.

May the second half of your year be filled with the sweetness of loved ones, friendships that weather every storm and the faith that everything that happens, does so for a higher good.