Spider-Man : No Way Home (2021)

Warning: spoilers ahead

I really enjoyed the film, mostly because of the way it was written and weaved in past villains and spidermen. I loved the social commentary of heal/cure vs. kill. I felt it relevant to the covid world we live in and how much we continue struggle with it.

The acting is decent across the board, with a few light and emotional moments to pepper the action scenes and top quality special effects. The result: a well fleshed out plot with enough bang for your buck.

Comfortable seating or an IMAX experience would be great for it. It is a refreshing exploration of the multiverse and leaves many avenues open and doors to knock on for future franchises.



Soul (2020)

One of the most profound animated films I have seen, it deals with concepts which will be too complex for children to understand, but it gives a simple message, loud and clear, for everyone to be inspired by.

Excellent voices, concepts and two very unique central characters and opposing points of view make this a very moving and heart warming watch.

Highly recommended!


Rio 2 (2014)

We are back in the world of Blu, Jewel, Linda and the gang, where they travel from Rio to the Amazon. While the earlier story was told from a singular point of view, this one was about the entire species and of course, the in-laws (always a funny subject!).

The ‘other’ love story that happens on the side is highly unlikely and perhaps provides more entertainment than the domesticated Gunderson family. Andy Garcia as the father-in-law, Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi, Bruno Mars as Roberto and Philip Lawrence as Felipe add more to the already talented cast.

It has more colour, resonance to current issues, family values, the whole animated experience.

Watch if you are a ‘Rio’ fan.


White House Down (2013)

No stranger to blowing up the White House, Director Roland Emmerich (Independance Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, amongst other big budget destruction films) has shown us a very ‘real inside drama’ of what could happen if the President was not attacked by outside terrorists.

The motive here is kept hidden until the end, but what you get to see is a President who is not used to violence and a policeman who seizes the moment by protecting him. The film is predictable and a little clichéd, but the ‘protocol’ is fun to watch as it unfolds. Channing Tatum does a fair job in a film that belongs to a big cast and Jamie Foxx is on the border of being a stereo typical leader but gets away by giving the character his individual streak.

In the string of White House movies, this is the most chilled out one to watch as patriotism, Bollywood style drama and Soap Opera style whodunit unfold amongst good quality special effects.