Jason Bourne (2016)

Seeing Matt Damon as Jason Bourne has a certain nostalgic quality. His strength and aggression is at complete odds with his inner turmoil. The film comprised of a few very well choreographed pursuit scenes and a mix of the believable and the unfathomable.

There is a part of Bourne’s past which he has blocked out. There are some files found by a hacker. The files contain a clue and the rest is a series of cat and mouse chases across cities.

Technology can be so intrusive and yet we depend on it so much, a constant battle of privacy vs. security. Though this is the underlying theme I wish director Paul Greengrass would have developed it more.

Alicia Vikander has a ‘grey’ character, who will probably be part of the next film. Julia Stiles has a mysterious entry and exit, her motives unclear. Tommy Lee Jones hasn’t aged well, but pulls off the stiff director of the CIA nonetheless.

Fast paced with plenty of destructive chases make for the staple action film.



The Martian (2015)

Ridley Scott does it again! Not only does he take us on a mission which is millions of miles away, but we also get to see a possible future of space travel.

While other films rely heavily on scientific mumbo jumbo or stoic tension, this film flows through its lengthy run, combining easy logic, humour and short doses of drama. Matt Damon shows that he can handle being the only living thing in a frame (barring some potatoes) and entertain us with his eccentricities.

While there is some ‘back and forth’ it jogs our sense of survival and answers more questions than it raises, making it part learning part entertainment. While the audience expects the worse, the story surprises us, especially the climax which has remnants from another recent famous and critically acclaimed film set in the starry vacuum.

Men may not be from Mars, but this film shows how they could survive on it.


Elysium (2013)

A simplistic view of the disparity that exists in our society is painted on a large science fiction canvas.

Some gaping fundamental flaws coupled with good action scenes and special effects make a half baked experience.

Jodi Foster is wasted in a role which didn’t demand someone of her talent, whereas Matt Damon fulfils a part in a string of similar action roles. Sharlto Copley is perhaps the best of the three, in a way only to be understood when and if you watch the film.

Elysium is a concept of the afterlife in Greek mythology. Whilst they captured what that could mean, the story floated in the air without any concrete base.