The Exiled Rogue Series 5 star review by Readers Favourite


The Exiled Rogue Series live on 22.2.22

An existential crisis
A transformational journey
A metaphysical revelation
A visionary experience
The CODES, their ORIGIN and a PROPHECY guide the EXILED ROGUE as he traverses time, space, life, death and beyond.

The omnibus of my trilogy, The Exiled Rogue Series, is live tomorrow 22.2.22!

The complete paperback, collectible hardcover, ebook with series art and the full audio book can be ordered/downloaded worldwide!

The Exiled Rogue Series Trailer

Presenting, the trailer of the omnibus of my trilogy, The Exiled Rogue Series!

A story that spans more than 120 years, The Exiled Rogue Series is the complete offering of three Amazon #1 bestsellers, The Codes of the Exiled Rogue, The Origin of the Exiled Rogue and The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue.

It starts as an existential crisis, develops into a clandestine meeting to discuss life and its purpose, quickly escalates into something deeper and more profound. The characters journey through life and beyond, uncovering truths which the human mind has grappled with since the dawn of time.

A larger plan for humanity and the evolution of each being is revealed, as our characters traverse time and space in different realms, all of which have laws of their own. Though the dimensions are distinct, yet they flow beautifully and logically into each other to form a whole, invoking a sense of déjà vu!

Written by award winning author Sandeep Adnani, this trilogy will help you appreciate the joy and wonder of being alive and look forward to the dimensions that await us upon our departure from this world.

Campaign art : Noor Shaikh

Cover design and series art : Saumya Sharma

Narrated by Simon Atkins, the voice of the audio book which will be live along with the paperback, collectible hardcover and complete ebook on 22.2.22

The Exiled Rogue Series – Cover Reveal

Presenting the beautiful cover art of The Exiled Rogue Series!

A culmination of the philosophies of the three books, it has been hand drawn by Saumya Sharma @tissayra_arts and completed by Noor Shaikh @lumoz_studio

The all seeing eye, the tree of life (as above, so below), the cycle of the moon and the source of life on Earth; the shining sun, which has been witnessed and revered by humanity since the beginning. The black and white, yin and yang, the duality of existence, the red symbolising life itself.

The Ouroboros, an ancient symbol that represents eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls.

An unyielding journey of hard work, vision and connection has resulted in this labour of love, which I hope connects with all of you and marks the beginning of the end, the offering of the complete trilogy in one volume!

Launch in 11 days!


The ways of the universe are mysterious and unfathomable. A decade ago I celebrated a milestone birthdate, 11.11.11 where I turned 33.

I had long nurtured a desire to write a book, but somehow couldn’t find the discipline or the structure to express my thoughts. On this very potent date the universe manifested just that for me, three 11’s.

I did a reading once and was told I will write three books. My response was a mix of disbelief, hope and skepticism. When I wrote my first book, the mention of Angel numbers, 11:11 and other such references were common, given the metaphysical genre I was exploring.

I brainstormed a lot of titles with my editor and friends and landed on the word ‘exiled’ as a part of it. I highlighted the ‘XI’ as it makes an appearance in the book, as the Roman numeral 11 and a clever code for my connection with the number.

The first book was written to be a stand alone novel, but a trilogy was born on its launch and 11/11/11 turned into three XI’s, an award winning, bestselling series which has truly changed my life.

We don’t know how our passions, dreams and ambitions are put into action, or how long they will take and in what form we will receive them. All we can do is the hard work, sit back in hope and believe that the universe has our back, because it always does.

Today I share my joy with each one of you, after a decade of manifestation and transformation. I am grateful for all of you and will keep writing more stories that mean a lot to me, which will hopefully resonate with you too.