The ways of the universe are mysterious and unfathomable. A decade ago I celebrated a milestone birthdate, 11.11.11 where I turned 33.

I had long nurtured a desire to write a book, but somehow couldn’t find the discipline or the structure to express my thoughts. On this very potent date the universe manifested just that for me, three 11’s.

I did a reading once and was told I will write three books. My response was a mix of disbelief, hope and skepticism. When I wrote my first book, the mention of Angel numbers, 11:11 and other such references were common, given the metaphysical genre I was exploring.

I brainstormed a lot of titles with my editor and friends and landed on the word ‘exiled’ as a part of it. I highlighted the ‘XI’ as it makes an appearance in the book, as the Roman numeral 11 and a clever code for my connection with the number.

The first book was written to be a stand alone novel, but a trilogy was born on its launch and 11/11/11 turned into three XI’s, an award winning, bestselling series which has truly changed my life.

We don’t know how our passions, dreams and ambitions are put into action, or how long they will take and in what form we will receive them. All we can do is the hard work, sit back in hope and believe that the universe has our back, because it always does.

Today I share my joy with each one of you, after a decade of manifestation and transformation. I am grateful for all of you and will keep writing more stories that mean a lot to me, which will hopefully resonate with you too.


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