Table No. 21

This flick is a well crafted, well directed film, but the story is not without its share of flaws. After a while we get to see a film based on a game, especially where the stakes are high. Thanks to all the games we see on Indian and International Television, in their various forms, at times the film appears as a theatre telecast of a TV show!

A happy couple win a trip and land up in Fiji for a holiday, where an eccentric man offers to give them a whopping prize amount for a seemingly simple game, with a not so clear-cut fundamental rule, ‘You Lie, You Die!’. What starts off as straightforward, quickly becomes complex, challenging and gripping, both for the audience, as well as the characters on screen. Regular flashbacks add to the mystery and everything ties together effectively in the end.

The message the film carries is quite important and via many of the scenes and situations, leaves a big impact on the viewers. The production values of the film are decent, it is the many questions unanswered that make you wonder, why, how, where, when? But those do not impact the film in a negative way, though if all was in place, this would be one of the best films in 2013.

The film is doing well thanks to word of mouth, the reviews are good and the film deserves its ‘A’ status for it is disturbing and eye-opening in many ways!

Play the game… this one’s a winner!



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