The Impossible

Reading about a natural disaster and watching it on the news is totally different from watching a film about it, which brings it to life, changing your role from ‘the spectator’ to ‘the victim’. This switch in your state of mind and the way the movie is shot makes it traumatic to watch where you hope that you too, survive the ordeal that the characters are going through on screen. The fact that it’s based on a true story during a calamity which singlehandedly changed warning systems and catapulted Tsunamis into the top 3 most dangerous catastrophes, doesn’t make it any easier on the eyes.

What would you do in such a scenario? No one and nothing can prepare you for something like this, even though you do pick up some tips after watching this film. For all you can rely upon, in a time so brutal, is humanity. Everything else, as you will see in the film, is a series of events which you probably won’t even remember. This film tries very hard to replicate what happened that fateful day in 2004, and its biggest strength is that it captures details and nuances which you imagine would be experienced in such an event. Your senses would be heightened, your survival instincts would be at their best, the dangers that can hurt you are countless and your only hope is your will to make it through.

The events are told through the eyes of a family of five, (based on the real life story) that experience many of the horrors one can and would, during and after such a calamity. What actually happened to thousands of people is vividly presented and the value of one human life matters so much when it is your own family or friend. You will be in awe at the strength of nature, when its balance is disrupted and it crosses all barriers.

Watch the film to marvel at the flawless direction, how they shot and captured many scenes, applaud the acting by every cast member, especially Naomi Watts and above all be grateful for the family you have.



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