Midnight’s Children

A rich tapestry of story telling, a plethora of talented actors, stunning visuals and some Magic Realism, combined with the tragedy of war and struggle for independence, make this film THE DEFINITIVE WATCH!

It is difficult to write about a movie which spans more than 7 decades, portrays changing cultures, uses undivided India as a catalyst, makes magic of the midnight of independence, romanticizes post independence, makes the wars (both civil and between neighbours) that followed as an invisible backdrop. It becomes more complex when it successfully does all this and more, showing you different sides of history and how it affected people’s lives, destinies and life paths.

You will lose count of how many characters are played by brilliant talent on screen. You will do so because here, THE STORY IS THE HERO. Based on Salman Rushdie’s novel, a 3 time booker winner, it is a literary treat as well as a very difficult story to adapt on screen. But it was done and done supremely well, by Deepa Mehta. This is her best work to date and should have gotten far more acclaim than it has.

In a world where stories have taken a back seat, this film makes you sit back in awe and wonder at how much one tale can tell, how much depth a story has, without going overboard. How much reality is weaved in to the story, never once making you believe one over the other, they both are equally remarkable.

The characters are complete, in their varied lengths and forms, with some excellent performances. I will not name them, leaving them and the film, to your own experience.

Watch this film to have your breathe taken away and be mesmerised by the talents of many celebrated individuals.



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