Special 26

Based on true events in India back in 1987, this film has a slow and steady pace. I don’t understand why filmmakers insist on shoving songs down our throat, especially in films like this. When it’s needed, please have them there, don’t keep them as loo and snack breaks. Anyway, moving on…

The CBI is looking for a group who poses as fake CBI and loots targeted individuals/companies. First of the many loop holes, which I shall not discuss, the films leaves many questions unanswered.

By the time the second half starts the film has picked its pace and you are engaged in the drama (barring any songs which appear for your benefit). Twists and turns present themselves and voila, you have a fitting end for a film which has many good actors. At least they will be remembered for a decent film.

A one time watch if nothing else to do, good for TV or flight.



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