Any Body Can Dance is India’s first 3D dance flick. It didn’t need to be 3D, barring a few scenes, being the first the dance orientated film was good enough. Remo has presented us with very good choreography, but not very balanced. It was concentrated on street style and hip hop, but we would have liked more traditional dance forms as well.

Stock caricature characters, ‘Good vs. Bad’, the ‘Under Dog vs. The one who has it all’ make it a predictable film, but we are not looking for a story here. Neither are we looking for acting, from the wooden Prabhudeva or the choreographers who are there to dance, not act. The surprise here is Ganesh Acharya, who acts, dances and is adorable in his part. Some of the hurdles that could crop up in a dance group/competition scenario are presented as twists and turns, with adequate solutions.

The end seems hurried, not well thought off and doesn’t tie up the film as it should. You saw the end coming and the way it’s done is disappointing. This is Remo’s second film, so we expected more. If it’s an extended Dance show you are after, it’s a good flick, otherwise it’s passable.



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