Ek Thi Daayan

Daayan isn’t a word one hears in daily conversation. It usually has comical or insulting references, but is a word to describe an evil witch. Horror as a genre is yet to receive a proper treatment and viewership in Hindi movies. Bollywood usually dabbles with both horror and thriller genres, achieving a little of both but not fully developing either. This film is a good example.

The movie has set its premise in the promos itself, so you know exactly what you are going for when you walk in to the cinema. The beginning credits song has a haunting and eerie quality. If the entire film had caught that mood, it would have been a stellar flick.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s finishing touches are visible in an Ekta Kapoor film, and they take it up a notch higher than expected. The story builds a world and the characters act within it. There is a myth and the plot develops around it. Some scary moments and good character development make a good first half. It’s the songs and lack of terror which make a damp second half.

Overall this is film which is not tacky or laughable, but cannot be taken seriously either.



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