Highway (2014)

What can you expect from a young actress who plays a rich spoiled kid in her first film? Her second film also starts off the same way. ‘Poor little rich girl’ wants to get away from her abundant and opulent life. Get away she does, when she is kidnapped.

From gun shot to gun shot, her performance left me flabbergasted. I was more in shock at how well she acted, how she managed to portray a deep, meaningful character, with so many layers, without saying or doing much. A few glimpses into her world and we were drawn to her story and plight in an instant. She had two very powerful, long, emotionally packed scenes, which she knocked out of the park!

Randeep Hooda, donned the character of the scruffy, unkempt captor so well, with a convincing command over the local language. He has one scene which displays his emotionally caged Mahabir, who matches Veera’s echoes of hurt and childhood suppression. She develops the Stockholm Syndrome towards Mahabir and some of his gang, perhaps as a reaction to the lack of unnecessary violence.

Cinematographer Anil Mehta has captured time and tide in sweeping montages, showing Indian landscape and highways as never seen before. The journey seems endless, yet not pointless. Director Imtiaz Ali has gifted the audience a long nurtured story, which takes you on the winding road within, as it does on screen.

A brilliant set of performances with a visual treat which puts you in a reflective state.



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