Queen (2014)

Quite a departure from ‘Chillar Party’ in 2011, Director Vikas Bahl serves us a single honeymoon of a simple girl from ‘Rajori in Delhi’. Rani is an emotional wreck since she was abandoned the day before her wedding and decides to travel abroad for the first time, alone.

The film is rich in so many ways. Tiny nuances, small gestures, the nonchalant manner Rani goes through the many shocking incidents, maintaining her naivety and dignity, touched the hearts of the viewers. Some people are calling it a ‘coming of age’ film, I thought of it more as a revelation and empowering story. Rani went into the big bad world and survived. She didn’t need anyone by her side and she had always done as she was told, but the one time she took a chance, she realised she is capable and can be totally independent.  

If Kangana is the heroine of the film, the writing is the hero. To have the audience laugh at her sadness, the many situations she lands herself in and of course the many ‘adult’ encounters she faces without even realising, is how well it was written, and acted. The travel was all well and good, I wondered how they would end the film. It was done so beautifully, where all she says is one word, and that’s it. I feared a monologue or sermon, but it fit with the rest of the film so well, and was a gem of a scene. A clever association with a melody like ‘hungama’, has rewired our memories to picture Kangana in it, with a totally new meaning.

Queen will rule your hearts and the box office, and deservedly so, for such good content and acting should reach every viewer.



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