Lucy (2014)

Written and directed by Luc Beeson, this film is extraordinary because it communicates so much with the use of imagery. Working on the premise of how much we use our brain as opposed to what potential we have, this film takes a dark, action packed, gory look at what could go wrong if we meddle with nature.

Scarlett Johansson plays the title role of ‘Lucy’ who is transformed in the film with a drug which increases the use of her senses, her access to her memories and unlocks access to her brain power. What could happen if such a drug was consumed is not only scary but also shows us our untapped capabilities. She is remarkable, vulnerable as she is formidable . Morgan Freeman is his usual self, the sanity, calm and reason ‘quotient’ of an otherwise unfathomable tale.

Though she goes through a traumatic change, she unleashes herself in a very controlled manner, displaying yet unknown or unthinkable human intelligence or awareness.

The conclusion? Something I guessed (or was secretly hoping would happen) and was in awe as it unravelled on screen. It was done with such unforgiving speed and grace that you realise what information we all carry and how much we are yet to learn about ourselves.

Time exists because we do.



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