Badlapur (2015)

The extent of damage caused by grief is seen in this intense film which keeps catching you off guard.

Director Sriram Raghavan has gone a step further in this tale of revenge, where we see gory scenes and details and have no time to digest them.

Varun Dhawan has portrayed the character of a man that spans more than two decades, playing a care free young man, a responsible married man and the rest that follows. He has a spectrum from a ‘happy go lucky full of life guy’ to a ‘raw menacing wide eyed freak’. There is a complete transformation and an unforgiving streak which make him unpredictably scary.

Nawazzudin Siddiqui on the other hand is perhaps the anti-Varun, dealing with the proceedings in the moment. He is non chalant and unaffected. The audience was stretched to process both of them.

The film is brilliant in exposing small moments from new angles which add a rich texture to the story. An ensemble cast effort, every member has played an important part.

The climax is the best part of the film. You don’t know how you arrived there. You don’t know how things will move forward. But the Indian audience has to be spoon fed so nothing is left to the imagination.

A dark grisly tale which is a highlight in varun’s career and another feather for Nawazzudin.



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