Collateral Beauty (2016)

Love, Death and Time. One is how we live life, one is how we end it, and one is how we measure it. The movie takes a point of view on all three, through the eyes of the eight stellar cast.

David Frankel directs an interesting concept, the story uses philosophy merged with a capitalist agenda to heal and influence the mourning Will Smith. While parts of it are predictable, the awe quotient is kept high in intermediate revelations.

Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley are top notch, getting able support from Edward Norton, Michael Pena, Jacob Latimore and Naomi Harris. Will Smith expresses and emotes mostly without dialogue in an intensely helpless performance.

While we try and help someone, the universe cleverly helps us too. While we heal someone, part of us heals as well. Such concepts are beautifully portrayed amongst other difficult ones, making it a fulfilling watch.



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