Split (2017)

The baffling power of the human mind, the potential it has to transform, is the underlying thread in this complex film which has the audience glued to the screen.

James McAvoy, the ‘patient’ speaks of his multiple personalities with Betty Buckley, his Doctor. Caught in the storm of what seems to be a situation on the mend, is Anna Taylor-Joy, and two of her friends.

It’s a fascinating direction by M. Night Shyamalan that makes the tale gripping, a metaphorical journey to the unknown. We soon become victims ourselves, trying to find ways out which are far from the ordinary. He presents his characters in a real way, no exaggeration or caricatures which are easily accepted in our own reality.

James is a revelation, holding the film squarely on his expressions, body language and behaviour. It’s scary to witness, more so than a conventional horror film, what we are capable of as human beings via his acting. Betty as Dr. Fletcher is so good, that you feel like talking to her about your own issues, as she creates such a safe, gentle and helpful enviroment. Anna as Casey is brilliant. Restrained and oddly comfortable in her circumstances she faces her own demons.

Made on a budget of $9 million it has already grossed $197 million and for good reason. This ones a thinker and deserves a watch.



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