Extraction (2020)

Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave give us exceptional action in Dhaka where a a drug lord’s son is being held after he is kidnapped.

Randeep Hooda is a pleasant surprise, supported well by Rudhraksh Jaiswal. Kudos to the little kid who threatens Chris not once but twice in an action sequence, he was memorable!

Thoroughly enjoyed the setting and pace of the film. Streaming now on Netflix.



Ghostbusters (2016)

Director Paul Feig was aiming for a good laugh and they fairly achieved it. The film seems like a prequel to the former one, but has its own original take on the story.

Melissa McCarthy has let the ensemble cast take centre stage and provided her share of laughs. Kristen Wiig is uptight yet adventurous, Kate McKinnon is whacky and eccentric and Leslie Jones is brave and feisty. The surprise package is Chris Hemsworth who successfully plays blonde but charms in the end.

A fun flick which doesn’t take itself seriously. Watch till the end credits finish for the complete experience 👻


In the heart of the sea (2015)

Director Ron Howard has made some greats in his career and he just added one more. While the film is heavy on special effects, as it would be impossible to recreate the incidents, it still leaves an impact.

If you don’t know about the hows and whys of whale hunting in the 1800s, or ever read Moby Dick, this film is a crash course on the subject and era. They move things along swiftly, without wasting time on extraneous detail. The result? A top notch IMAX 3D film with a sound story.

The visuals are not only dramatic but difficult to digest as well. It speaks of a world we don’t even remember in theory, which is its strength. The characters telling the story (Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw) and in the epic itself (Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Tom Holland) and the supporting cast, do complete justice to the plot.

A thrilling tale with dependable acting.


Avengers : Age of Ultron (2015)

Written and directed by Joss Whedon, the film uses its length to tell you how close it can get to a video game but stay in the realm of a film.

The forced humour doesn’t save the ensemble cast who just don’t have synergy this time round. They are facing an enemy with great odds and introduce challenges and complications in a ‘by the by’ manner. There is no tension, drama, urgency or good old fashioned excitement.

The resolution and turn of events is an unceremonious as the obstacle. End result? Glad it’s over and could have spent time watching or doing something else. Points for a scene between Iron Man and the Hulk and a few frames which are slick. The rest makes Vin Diesel look good.

It’s flat, long and blah. No fun.


Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The 9 realms, super special effects (which are a standard in Hollywood) and a popular super Hero and star cast could not salvage this film. Barring the humour from Kat Dennings who plays ‘Darcy Lewis’ the graph of this film and all its characters was flat, many times laughable. Is the mere presence of gigantic ships which appear threatening and predatory enough? Where are the villains who give the hero a healthy fight?

We have complex theories which are worked out at the drop of a hat, an ‘Ether’ of unexplainable power, Loki who plays along with Thor and Jane Foster, a wooden Natalie Portman, makes you wonder why actors are not doing their job, acting!

It takes a lot for a film to bore me and induce sleep. Very few pass the challenge. This one almost did.

Nothing can save this film.